Thursday 25 March 2010

On not being young anymore

'Thunders Hips and Saddle Bags', the 1986 cassette only album by Human Skab
Human Skab is (perpetually) a 10 year kid. He makes music that reminds me what it was like being a 10 year old kid. He can't really play guitar (he tries his best though, hey: I still can't play guitar). His key concerns are the extinction of the dinosaurs, smashing windows with rocks and wrestling; perhaps the way all 10 year old boys should probably be. Like the Happy Flowers, but real.
“I’m on a mission. I’ve a message for the world. It’s not just playing guitars and stuff good that is important. It’s all the things you do.”
Here's human skab in his adult form, playing a classic 10-year old human skab song.

Human Skab had two albums reissued last year, one of which is not sold out and is available through Family Vineyard on CD. He was even in the Independent this weekend.

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