Monday, 6 September 2010

Oh! Gunquit

Oh! Gunquit are a quartet from London who take a very refreshing look at a scene which has suffocated itself with shite bands wanting more reverb. Offset festival really did seperate the wheat from the chaf, and boy o boy Oh! Gunquit are definitely the wheat. Surf riffs the Trashmen would be proud of from a very talented guitarist, pounding garage drums not far from the Sonics and smooth sax are topped by energetic female vocals. They have a serious live presence too, the focal point of which is undoubtedly manchine's trilling, which is a rarity in a London "garage band" these days. Listen on the myspace and hopefully these guys and girls will be coming to a town near you soon. They have self released a four track demo but it's difficult to get your hands on, keep an eye out for a download link, or alternatively if you have it message me a link.

Myspace . LastFm